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In today’s world, mobile devices are playing an important role in driving prominent changes that how consumers research and make purchases across an extensive variety of industries.  That is why, online marketers should not only depend on mobile app and responsive site design, but now they also need to think about mobile-first marketing. Marketers are aware of this fact that there is a rapid growth in mobile channels. It has been estimated by several analysts that in 2018 there will be around 2.7 billion smartphone users across the world, which is around a 250% increase since 2012. Before, the main focus of a marketer was to ensure that the company must have a potential app and responsively designed site for engaging with customers, whereas primary areas were simply not optimized, such as how consumer carried out research. However, today, these areas are also given equal importance as now mobile devices are becoming the most common method to access the digital media and the internet. A recent research shows that people spend 60 percent of their time on online media using their mobile devices, whereas there is a 20 percent decline on the time spent on desktop since the last year. Due to the increased use of mobile device for accessing digital media, this has resulted in significant changes in the paid search landscape. This means that now marketers need to change their thinking and ways to approach a mobile phone.

What is Mobile-first Marketing?

Mobile-first marketing refers to the promotion of your business and offers through mobile devices so that your offers get maximum exposure. Here are two key reasons that why marketers should now move to a mobile-first marketing strategy.

  • Paid Search Revenue Increased By 120 Percent on Mobile Devices

Since more consumers are now using their mobile devices when they want to buy anything, it has been noticed that conversion rates have been greatly improved and there is a dramatic increase in spending by retailers. It has been concluded by a research study that expenditure on mobile phone advertising has increased by 77% worldwide, resulting in a 120 percent growth in revenue.

  • Mobile Phones Now Accounts For Around Half of Paid Search Clicks

Mobile phones play an important role in the customer journey, especially during the brand awareness creation phase and during research. On mobile devices, the number of paid search clicks has increased up to 45% on phones and 7 percent on tablets, whereas desktop clicks have been decreased by 16 percent. This shows that around half of clicks now happen on mobile devices.

  • What Marketers Should Do Now?

Since mobile accounts for more than half of the time that people spend online, it has now become essential for marketers to move to a mobile-first marketing strategy that links to other channels also, such as in-store and desktop. Mobile first marketing gives an opportunity to businesses to engage with their consumers directly and more often. This type of marketing also has a major influence on consumer purchase decisions. Hence, it goes without saying that businesses need to make sure that they are providing relevant and consistent messages across all channels and are also creating a seamless and amazing experience for the whole consumer journey.